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TeacherWeb SiteEmail Address
Adam Chacksfield, Ph.D. 
Aisha Salem 
Amoda Maa Jeevan 
Ananta Kranti 
Ananta Kranti 
Annette Knopp 
Avinash Do 
Brendan Smith 
Brian Lottman 
Bruno Mushotoku 
Canela Michelle Meyers 
Catherine Ingram 
Channa Asherah 
Chobo Ji 
Darryl Bailey 
David Ellzey 
David Spero 
Derek Thorne 
Edgar OWK Hofer 
Elena Nezhinsky 
Eli Jaxon-Bear 
Ellie Roozdar 
Emilia Hollander 
Eric Altman 
Fiona Robertson 
Florian Schlosser 
Francis Lucille 
Fred Davis 
Gabriele Rudolph 
Gaia & Barbi 
Gaia (Michael) 
Georgi & Bart 
Gina Lake 
Greg Marian 
Heinz Meisnitzer 
Igor Kufayev 
Ilona Ciunaite 
Ilsa Comte Adair 
Isaac Shapiro 
Jac O'Keeffe 
James Eaton 
Jeannie McGillivray 
Jeannie Zandi 
Jeff Foster 
Jim Dreaver 
Joan Ruvinsky 
Joan Tollifson 
John David 
John de Ruiter 
John Grenafege 
John Sherman 
Joi Sharp 
Jon Bernie 
Julia Schlosser 
Karl Renz 
Kevin Diakiw 
Krishna Gauci 
Kurt Johnson 
Lisa Cairns 
Loch Kelly 
Lynn Fraser 
Mandi Solk 
Marco Canestrari 
Margaret Fletcher 
Marija Schwarz 
Marlies Cocheret de la Moriniere 
Michael Damian 
Moni Vangolen 
Mystic Girl in the City 
Nick Gancitano 
Nicole Christine 
Norman Scrimshaw 
Om C. Parkin 
Padma Wolff 
Pamela Wilson 
Pat The Barber Crowley 
Paul Hurcomb 
Peter Brown 
Peter Fenner 
Peter Francis Dziuban 
Peter Kingsley 
Rajiv Kapur 
Ram Dass 
Richard Lang 
Richard Sylvester 
Robert Rabbin 
Ronny Hies 
Rupert Spira 
Saraswathi Ma 
Satguru Sri Ramana Devi 
Satguru Ramana 
Scott Kiloby 
Sharon Landrith 
Shri Prakash Ji 
Sirio Carrapa 
Sri V.V. Brahmam 
Stephan Bodian 
Stephen Wingate 
Steven Noomen 
Stuart Schwartz 
Susanne Marie 
Swami Atmananda Udasin 
Swami Dhyan Giten 
Swami Prem Prasad 
Swami Premodaya 
Tim Freke  
Tony Samara 
Travis Norris 
Vera Helleman 
Wayne (Ram Tzu) Liquorman 
Will Brennan 
Will Pye 
Zahir Khan 
Other web sites that may be of interest:
PLEASE NOTE - Some of these sites are not personally endorsed by the webmaster of, but I hope they may be helpful and interesing. Another way to say this: I cannot personally vouch for each of these web sites. Please give me feedback if you find anything that does not ring true in this list! Thank you from the Webmaster.
Ramana MaharshiWebsite dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
Robert AdamsThe Teaching of Robert Adams
Devoted to PapajiA new site operated from and maintained by Satsang Bhavan, Lucknow. The website offers Satsang with Papaji in texts, weekly videos, quotes, photos galleries, biography, info about Satsang Bhavan and about Papaji house and more. The website offers all seekers and lovers of TRUTH the opportunity to have Satsang with Papaji available on the net.
Nisargadatta MaharajA group in Boston Massachusetts dedicated to the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, and Papaji
Eckhart TolleWeb site of the author of The Power of Now
Byron KatieThe Work of Byron Katie
KirtanThis site is a dedication to the sacred gift of Devotional Chanting
Realization.orgInterviews, book excerpts... a wealth of information for the seeker
Nonduality SalonNonduality Salon "considers the varieties of expression of nonduality"
Sentient.orgThe Maharshi Newsletters: a site dedicated to "Ramana Maharshi and others at ease"
Ramesh BalsekarOfficial web site of Ramesh Balsekar
The Headless WayDouglas Harding's "Headless Way" - very interesting exercises
AmigoOnline Advaita magazine
Burt HardingIn the Ramana Maharshi lineage, Burt offers satsang by mail, A Course In Miracles, and much more
Dasarath's web siteWisdom at Work, based in Painted Post, New York
Waking DownA new approach to self-realization
OWKOWK a.k.a. EDGAR's web site
Eckhart Tolle Fan SiteA devoted fan of Eckhart Tolle would like to share Eckhart's teachings with you
PoetryThis site offers the work of living poets that have been affected directly and deeply by the teachings and experience of non-duality in its infinite expressions.
A collection of things wanting to be sharedEvents, Courses, Music, Poems, Retreats, Words of wisdom, Places to go, Web-links, Miracles, ...
Arunachala AshramaDedicated to the Practice of the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
Jean-Pierre GomezDialogues on Non-duality (Advaita) about recognizing what has always been present Here & Now.
Online Satsang(German) Online Satsang by Email with Shanta-Deva
Leonard JacobsonWeb site of Leonard Jacobson
GabrieleFor those who speak German, here is a site from a lovely satsang-giver named Gabriele
ElyshaTeacher in New Zealand
Nick RoachNick Roach is located in the U.K.
David WaldmanConversations on Consciousness with David Waldman, based in Portland, OR
Pete & Pearl SumnerOffering Satsang regularly at our home and center, Gurukula, in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia
Krishna GauciKrishna Gauci is based on Oregon
Living SatsangSatsang information for Amsterdam
Peter FennerThe healing power of nondual therapy
Bob Adamson'Sailor' Bob Adamson: Non-conceptual, Self-knowing Awareness
John de RuiterJohn is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Joan TollifsonWhat is Real? The simple and obvious truth.
Annette NibleyAnnette offers private consultations and holds talks in Mill Valley, CA
vedantaquestvedantaquest - in quest of Truth, the website of Dr. Narendra Tuli
Reflections IndiaReflections is a non-profiteering, non-sectarian organization dedicated to the understanding and realization of the truths of life and experiences.
Ultimate YogaMichael Prayag: Awareness Guide
When I AwokeOne person's collection on non-dual info
David RonenDavid offers satsang in Vancouver, Washington, and the Portland Oregon area
Awakening GuideBonnie Greenwell, a non-dual teacher given dharma transmission by Adyashanti, and offers satsang and intensives in Ashland, OR and Santa Cruz, CA
Non-dual wisdom teachingsBonnie Greenwell's site
Michael BrownMichael Brown's book, The Presence Process - listen to audio clips and learn about the book
Tom FitzgeraldHolding weekly satsangs in Santa Cruz
Compassion WorksOffering satsang in Dallas, Texas
NewsletterAkhand Jyoti, an online spiritual magazine
Interspiritual DialogueExploring the Essence of Interspirituality
Charlie HayesThe Eternal state - web site, also blog at
Adi Da SamrajAdi Da Samraj
AjaOfferings in Portland
BodhiAvasaBodhi Avasa lives in North Wales, U.K. He has been sharing the realization of the Self for over 30 years through Satsang and workshops held in Europe, the United States, and Canada.
Brandon BaysThe Journey
Peter BrownPeter Brown offers satsang in Marin County, Northern California
PachaMamaSatsang with Tyohar at PachaMama in Costa Rica
Eric PutkonenEric offers satsang in Minnesota
Satsang with SangitaSangita has recently moved to Vancouver Island. She offers satsang in Duncan on Tuesdays at 7pm and in Victoria & Nanaimo upon request. She is also offering retreats in Canada, the US and Austria.
Satsang with JahanjiOffering satsang in Chicago
Enlightened AwakeningsWebsite of Dr. Michael Hall - teaching enlightenment and spiritual awakening in Binghamton, New York
NeeruNerru offers meetings around the world
Chicago-area satsangsOne-Heart Teachings was created to offer a sacred space to sit and remember the oneness that we are.
Spanish Silence GroupsA site meant to be a meeting point in spanish language related to Silence Groups (in a open sense) and Satsangs
Siddha HermesSiddha Hermes offers satsang in Vancouver, B.C. Also offering satsang at Awakening Heart on the first Monday of every month from 8 - 10pm by donation. The address for Awakening Heart is
Stillness SpeaksDallas satsangs and information on Advaita teachers
The Open WayEmbracing Our True Non-dual Nature of Freedom and Oneness - Radio show and meetings in South Florida
Blue Collar BuddhaKyle offers satsang Toronto
loving-awareness.orgA journey to wholeness
Satsang in CalgaryA calendar listing satsang events for teachers in the Calgary area
Elle Collier ReElle Collier Re is a Unity Consciousness Teacher, located in Hood River Oregon
Tony ParsonsTony Parsons has meetings in London and throughout Europe
Never Not Here TV ShowsRichard Miller's interviews with Advaita teachers - link here is to an interview with Mooji, but search on Google for "Never Not Here" to find more
IsiraIsira is giving satsang in Australia
Satsang with OliverOliver is giving Satsang in Zurich
Mark HansMark offers satsang in Amsterdam March to November and Tiruvannamalai Mid November to February
Amma SanctuaryAmma Sanctuary, Compassionate Passion of Oneness at Work
SatyanandaSatsang with Satyananda in England and all over the world
AishaAisha is a Self-realized woman living in Denmark. As a spiritual teacher and powerful healer, Aisha is travelling the world uniting hearts with True Love – the being of Oneness. When a heart wants to be free and with True Love, Aisha can show the way to the Self – to True Love, the absolute freedom in Life.
Chicago SatsangListing of satsang events in Chicago and surrounding area
Satsang in the Netherlands & BelgiumSchedule of satsang in the Netherlands & Belgium, and retreats in Europe.
Satsang with VishrantVishrant offers satsang in Australia
Tony SamaraOffers satsang throughout Europe and the world
Avinash & GyandevaOffering Satsang Retreats in Brazil, India, and Germany.
Chris CelineChris Celine offers satsang on a weekly basis in Ashland, Oregon (every Tues and Thurs evening 7-9); she also offers Satsangs in El Cerrito, CA and Vancouver, WA. For more information, please see
Naja Vita NielsenCOMING HOME with Naja Vita Nielsen from Denmark
Darshan/Internet RadioDarshan offers satsang via Internet Radio
Eliza Mada DalianHealer, Mystic, Spiritual Teacher, Author; offers satsang in Vancouver
Sri VastA profound mystic, full of authentic joy, grace and a flow of natural wisdom
Spirit DanceSpirit Dance to the Drum of Munaysonco followed by Satsang with Aisha and Nilo
RandolphRandolph belongs to a new generation of spiritual teachers, offering playful and open satsangs in the Netherlands and UK.
SamarpanSamarpan is an American born teacher, holding satsang in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Greece; it's all in English with German translation
Reflections of the One LifeScott Kiloby, Evansville Indiana, USA
Michael McAlisterMeetings in Walnut Creek, CA; podcasts available on the web site
True Divine NatureInspirational & Healing Wisdom from Spiritual Teachers Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar
Sascha A. JaksicLive Satsang im Internet: Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Dr. Vijai S. ShankarAcademy of Absolute Understanding
Enlivened Spirit Meetup GroupEnlightened Master Louix Dor Dempriey has ongoing programs in Southern California where he resides (at Prema Drala Ashram). Also frequent events in Chicago, New York, as well as in Melbourne, Sydney, and Tasmania, Australia.
Swami AbhayanandaOffering blog, many books written / translated including DATTATREYA’S SONG OF THE AVADHUT (A verse translation of Avadhut Gita, a classic Sanskrit text on the identity of the Self)
Blueprint for awakeningIndian masters asnwering questions on the mind, self inquiry, etc.
Sri V.V. BrahmamNon-dual master from India, disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Satsang in India (Tadpatri and Tiruvannamalai) and Europe (Czech Republic, Germany and other places)
Great FreedomOffering regular Open Meetings in London and globally
Great linksGreat Anthony de Mello texts
Skinny ThinkingLaura offers Satsang and workshops in West Newton, MA
Waking DownSaniel and Linda - a husband-wife team of spiritual teachers, awakeners, and destiny-empowerment specialists
Conscious LivingKaren McPhee offers Satsang and group sessions in Canada and USA
Dave OshanaSchedule page for Dave Oshana
Satsang with OjelankiOjelanki offers Satsang in Toronto, Canada and around the world
Satsang in SpainBesides hosting a weekly Satsang group, focuses on bringing various Satsang teachers from all over the world to the south of Spain, offering a beautiful venue for Satsang and Satsang-related events, as well as full board accommodation for those wishing to stay overnight. All events are spoken in English and translated in Spanish.
Gita Dharma SocietyThe aim of the Gita Dharma Society is to promote Sanatana Dharma as expounded by Rama Gitananda and to advance the spiritual progress of his students.
Here Now TVFantastic interviews with Satsang-givers; live webcasts and also recorded programs; very great site

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