Satsang Schedules
TeacherDateLocationAdditional Info
Swami PremodayaMarch 10 to December 15Online"BEYOND SELF" TRAINING PROGRAM
PrajnaparamitaOctober 18-25Le Bourgh d Hem, Central France Francesatsang retreat week
PrajnaparamitaOctober 19, 8:00 PMOnline, WorldwideLive online satsang
Jeannie ZandiOctober 20, 6:30 PMOnlineHoly Essentials II 7-month Online Committed Course
ShantiOctober 23, 7:30 PMOnlineSATSANG ONLINE GERMAN
John DavidOctober 23-25Hitdorf/Cologne, GermanyVipassana Island Meditation Weekend
Swami PremodayaOctober 24, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
Jeannie ZandiOctober 25, 11:00 AMOnlineOpen Circle Online - Em-body-ment
Swami PremodayaOctober 26, 7:00 PMOnlineDARSHAN with SWAMI PREMODAYA
PrajnaparamitaOctober 26, 8:00 PMOnline, WorldwideLive online satsang
ShantiOctober 30, 7:30 PMOnlineSATSANG ONLINE GERMAN
Swami PremodayaOctober 31, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
Swami PremodayaNovember 1, 11:00 AMOnlineALL-DAY WORKSHOP with SWAMI PREMODAYA
Jon BernieNovember 5, 5:00 PMSan Rafael, California United StatesFall Residential Retreat
John DavidNovember 5, 7:30 PMKiev, UkraineSatsang
Swami Dhyan GitenNovember 5 to January 5Stockholm, SwedenSatsang with Giten: Enlightenment is Your Nature. 5 November - January 2021. Ten Thurday Evenings.
John DavidNovember 6, 7:30 PMKiev, UkraineSatsang
Swami Dhyan GitenNovember 6-8Stockholm, SwedenSatsang weekend with Giten: Awakening - The Three Steps to Enlightenment
Swami PremodayaNovember 7, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
Jeannie ZandiNovember 7, 11:00 AMOnlineAddiction Online Public Gathering
John DavidNovember 7-8Trypillia/Kiev, UkraineSatsang Sangha Weekend
Jeannie ZandiNovember 13-15OnlineLove & Sovereignty Online Retreat
Swami PremodayaNovember 14, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
PrajnaparamitaNovember 14-15Baarn, The Netherlandssatsang weekend intensive
Marlies Myoku CocheretNovember 18-22Portland, Oregon4-night Silent Retreat
John DavidNovember 20-22Denia, SpainVipassana Island Meditation Weekend
Swami PremodayaNovember 21, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
Swami Atmananada UdasinNovember 27 to December 2Assisi, ItalyInternational Residential Retreat
Swami PremodayaNovember 28, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
Swami PremodayaNovember 30, 7:00 PMOnlineDARSHAN with SWAMI PREMODAYA
Swami Dhyan GitenDecember 4-6Stockholm, SwedenSatsang weekend with Giten: The Psychology of the Buddhas, The Science of the Inner
Swami PremodayaDecember 5, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
Swami PremodayaDecember 6, 11:00 AMOnlineALL- DAY WORKSHOP with SWAMI PREMODAYA
Swami Atmananada UdasinDecember 11, 8:00 PMParis, FranceEvening Satsang (in French)
Swami PremodayaDecember 12, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
Swami Atmananada UdasinDecember 12-13Paris, FranceSatsang Intensive (in French)
Swami PremodayaDecember 19, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
John DavidDecember 23-27Hitdorf/Cologne, GermanyChristmas Retreat in the Open Sky House Community Hitdorf
Swami PremodayaDecember 26, 11:00 AMOnlineSATSANG
Swami PremodayaDecember 26-29Online14th ANNUAL WINTER RETREAT
Jeannie ZandiMay 26-31, 2021Deerfield, Massachusetts United StatesGrow Legs Under Your Heart Retreat

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